Are you looking for a preschool that will help your child excel? Grace Community School Pre-K is an engaging learning environment where children can explore, discover and learn at their own pace. We use hands-on activities and fun games to teach early literacy skills, math concepts, science exploration and more! The College Can Begin at 2 Curriculum also includes non-denominational Bible instruction, arts and crafts, social emotional development, physical education, and more. This is all done through interactive activities so students stay engaged and involved in their education.

You don’t want your child sitting around watching TV or playing video games all day long – you want them to be active learners! That’s why we created our program – it gives kids the freedom to explore while still teaching important academic skills. It's a full-day program - all hours included - so it's convenient for your work schedule.

And did we mention that enrollment is first come first serve? Our Pre-K program fills up quickly! Avoid the wait list and sign up today. Fill out your paperwork digitally on our website. Click the button below 👇

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"Grace Community has become more than a school, they are all family to our children and us."


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"I'd like to take the credit for my son's accomplishments in early reading, but the credit goes to Grace Community School. From learning the alphabet song, to certificates of accomplishment in recognizing letters independently, Weston has been proud to share his reading development with his friends and family. The day after bringing his first early reading books home from Grace Community School, he has been reading to his younger brother and setting an example of excitement for learning. Weston astonishes me on a regular basis. The day he read 'Lego' in the toy catalog I almost burst with pride. Thank you, Grace Community School for giving my sons everything I would wish to provide at home. Even before his third birthday he was reciting his ABC's and listing the vowels and the sounds they make. At age 3 he brought home his first reading books. I thought, 'Oh, that's cute.' But when he picked up the Toys 'R' Us catalog and read the names of the toys, I was blown away!

Learning is the second most important factor, aside from safety, in choosing a school/daycare for my children. The early years set the standard and practice for a child's future learning habits. It's hard to list just one thing as the most important thing my child has learned at Grace Community School. I'm so grateful for the subjects he's learning and the social skills he's developed, but I'm most grateful for his love of learning. I'm 100% confident that my sons will have a seamless transition into primary school and have an advantage over other students. The structure of each activity at Grace Community School and the complete focus of every child in the room has surprised me. It's so different than the average daycare, where the kids seem to be left to their own devices."

— Sommer Garcia, Grace Community School parent

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  • Our Preschoolers Can Read!
  • Convenient Locations Throughout Southwest Florida
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Is Your Child Eligible for Pre-K?

Your child is eligible for Florida Pre-K if he or she turns four by September 1 of the school year. For the 2024-2025 school year that is September 1, 2024. To sign up, you will need your child’s immunization record and health form, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and our enrollment form.

When our Pre-K class is full, we will take a wait list. You can reserve your child’s spot, and lock in that special price, by fill out your enrollment paperwork. Just click the “Enroll Now” button below!

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Grace Community School offers full-day Pre-K running throughout the entire school year, Monday-Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm. These extended hours are included free. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks are also included.

We teach reading, not "reading readiness." Our Preschoolers Can Read! It’s very common for our Pre-K kids to graduate reading multiple levels ahead of the public school. Give your child a jump start!

We have convenient locations in Southwest Florida: Cape Coral Skyline Blvd, North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Naples Park, and Golden Gate.

The Grace Community School phonics instruction combined with one-on-one attention from teachers during Reading Circles allows children to achieve their full learning potential. Our kids really read!

We have a full developmentally-appropriate curriculum incorporating math, colors and shapes, music and movement, exercise, organized games, and so much more! There are extracurricular activities available as well, including karate, dance, and piano lessons.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and drinks are all FREE.

Golden Gate

5524 19th Ct. SW

Naples, FL 34116

(239) 455-4520

Bonita Springs

8971 Brighton Lane

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

(239) 948-7878 

Cape Coral

2932 Skyline Blvd.

Cape Coral, FL 33914

(239) 458-1644

Fort Myers

1688 Medical Lane

Fort Myers, FL 33907

(239) 334-3325

Naples Park

871 100th Ave. N

Naples, FL 34108

(239) 566-7167

N. Fort Myers

4735 Orange Grove Blvd.

N. Fort Myers, FL 33903

(239) 997-3727

Lehigh Acres

3732 Lee Blvd.

Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

(239) 368-3820

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  • Here's What Our Parents Say

"They treat our family like their family. Our little one is 3 and is already starting to read! GCS takes time with all the kids to help them grow into smart tiny humans! We would recommend them to anyone looking for a thorough daycare!"


"We love Grace Community School! My daughter attended for 2 years. Now that she is in a new school we see how advanced she is for her level. She keeps repeating how easy her work is. We took her into public school to get her reading tested and she tested WAY above her grade level and I know it is all because of what she learned at Grace."


"All three of my kids attended Grace Community School. My youngest one is getting ready to go into kindergarten and he already knows how to read basic words and write his name!!! As a parent, I cannot express enough gratitude to this school for helping our kids get a great start to their education. This isn’t just a daycare, it’s a family that has an obvious love for what they do."


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With more than 36 years of experience in Lee and Collier counties, thousands and thousands of parents have trusted Grace Community School with their little ones. We’re More Than a School; We’re Family!

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"We're More Than a School; We're Family!"

Discount for College Students*

*If you're enrolled in a college, trade school, or a similar educational program (full or part-time, in-person or online), you qualify instantly for $15 off per child per week, for each child Pre-K or younger enrolled in Grace Community School.